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Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk has a lot of things that most men his age don’t. One thing that sticks out to us though, especially based on pictures from when he was younger, is his full head of hair.

Statistics say that by his age, a majority of men will have noticeable hair loss. But as evidenced by Musk's current situation, that is not the case. This is all the more impressive given the fact that in his late 20s he had a significant amount of thinning.

So what did Elon Musk do to get his hair back? Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Michael Shehata shared his thoughts, “Going from such an advanced pattern of hair loss to a full head of hair is usually a tell-tale sign of a hair restoration procedure.” Dr. Shehata points to hair transplantation as the most likely option. "In this procedure, hair from the back of the scalp, where it is genetically programmed to not fall out, is moved to balding areas on top of the scalp." Dr. Shehata states that Musk's procedure would have been tougher because he was not completely bald. "Since he had some hair up there already, it's very important not to damage or interfere with any existing hair follicles." He also stresses that aside from the hair transplant, it would have been important in his case to use minoxidil and/or finasteride. "While the transplanted hair is there for a lifetime, minoxidil and finasteride help patients maintain the surrounding non-transplanted hair."

So, there you have it, even Elon Musk couldn't avoid hair loss. If you would like to learn more about hair transplantation with Dr. Michael Shehata, click here or contact our office today.

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